Blogging Edge 2015 UK Blog Awards

Our search for the top 10 UK bloggers continues! We’ve sifted through your nominations and picked out 5 amazing bloggers in each category – now it’s up to you to pick a winner.

Simply click on a blogger on the map below to find out more about them, and vote for them. You have until the 29th of October to get your votes in.


Blog title

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Q: Can I vote for more than one blog?

A: Yes, you can vote for as many blogs as you’d like to! Please note that you will only be able to vote for each blog once to prevent spam – our system will only record 1 vote from you if you click the same vote button more than once.

Q: How does the voting work?

A: Simples. Anyone can vote by clicking the ‘vote’ button next to their chose blogger(s) until midnight (UK time) on 29th October 2015. Then, we’ll count up the votes and the blogger with the most votes in each category will win. Please note that duplicate votes will not be counted, therefore the vote count shown on this page may not equal the final vote count used to decide on the winners. In the very unlikely event that two bloggers are tied for first place, it will be up to our judges to decide which blog deserves the award most.